Cal-IHEA Faculty Affiliate, Prof. Hector Gonzalez, writes LA Times Op-Ed about California Latinos and Alzheimer’s Disease

April 20, 2020

Prof. Hector Gonzalez(link is external), from UC San Diego’s Department of Neuroscience, and colleagues studied more than 6,300 Latinos across the U.S. and found(link is external) that nearly 10% of middle-age and older Latinos — those between ages 50 and 86 — met diagnostic criteria for mild cognitive impairment, which is considered a transitional stage between healthy cognitive aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

The LA Times piece(link is external) calls for greater investment in medical research that focuses on Latinos and Californios: “Given that Latinos form the largest ethnic/racial minority in the U.S. and the plurality of Californians, more research on this population should be a public health priority.”