EBDLS Research Assistants

Cynthia Gallegos 

4th year (Class of 2021)

Social Welfare, minor in Global Public Health

I feel privileged to have been a part of the EBDLS. This experience has provided me with the motivation needed to complete my current educational goals and create new ones. I aspire to further my education in public health, and contribute to health policy.” 

Ana Alcaraz

4th year (Class of 2021)

Nutritional Science, Toxicology

“Being a part of the East Bay Day Laborer Study has been one of the most rewarding and knowledgeable experiences during my time at Berkeley. It was truly amazing to work with people so passionate about interacting with jornaleros to learn about the health inequities and disparities they face here in the U.S. My experience with this project has motivated me, even more, to pursue a career in healthcare to help mitigate these disparities and allow everyone to access the proper medical care they need and deserve. ” 

Nicol Hernandez

4th year (Class of 2021)

intended Public Health 

 “My motive for joining the study was to expand my knowledge on the Jornalero community and the need for marginalized communities to have policies that protect and ensure their health regardless of citizenship status.”

Saul Martinez

3rd Year (Class of 2022)

Molecular Environmental Biology

"Through the EBDLS team, I have become aware of how socioeconomic and political obstacles impact the mental health and vulnerability of the local day laborer community. As a future healthcare worker, I am inspired to apply the EBDLS skill set and knowledge base in a clinical setting with similarly underserved populations." 

Jazmine Solorzano

4th year (Class of 2021)

Molecular & Cell Biology, Neurobiology, 

minor in Global Public Health 

“My position as Research Assistant in the East Bay Day Laborer Study provided me with not only the opportunity to gain research expertise, but it most importantly provided me with the opportunity to highlight the continuous exploitation and health care inequities affecting the lives of the various day laborers in the East Bay. My participation in this study has further motivated me to advocate for marginalized and underrepresented communities in health care through my future optometric career.”

Brittney Munoz

2nd year (Class of 2023)

Molecular and Cellular Biology, Neurobiology

“Being a part of EBDLS reminded me of why I have always wanted to help people. There are so many good people in the world that are hard-working and kind, who deserve to be treated fairly and with the help of studies like this, we create a foundation for future policies that will give day laborers the help they deserve.”

Jannely Nunez

3rd Year (Class of 2022)

Public Health, minor in Public Policy

“With this research opportunity, I had a chance to learn about Jornaleros on a personal level that only made me have so much more respect for them. Overall, this experience has been eye-opening to see how much more resources are needed for Jornaleros and their family."

Oscar Ramos

3rd Year (Class of 2022)

Public Health, minors in Public Policy

and Data Science

"My time and participation in the East Bay Day Laborer Study helped foster my understanding of what it means to orient community voices at the forefront of research and to be thoughtful regarding how research is conducted and disseminated in communities. As an aspiring Public Health professional, I hope to continue advocating for communities and to bring their unique issues to the table when discussing strategies to improve population health and address health disparities."

Monserrat Arguello

3rd Year (Class of 2022)

Intended Public Health

“My time as a Research Assistant for the East Bay Day Labor Study enhanced my understanding of how flawed the U.S. healthcare system is and how far we are from achieving health equity. While working with the day laborer community in the East Bay, I had the opportunity of hearing some of the narratives of one of many marginalized groups in this country. My experience on the research team solidified my aspiration of becoming a physician in an underrepresented community, and more importantly, of being an advocate for the voices that are often silenced.”

Alondra Peregrino

4th (Class of 2021)

Public Health

Forming part of the EBDLS team gave me the opportunity to interact with community members in a unique way and provide a platform for their lived experiences through research. My experience allowed me to understand the importance of data collection in helping to provide potential resources to underserved communities and shifting research to be more inclusive of these populations and their needs. As a future health professional, I aim to incorporate this same spirit into my work and provide a seat at the table for marginalized populations, their experiences, and their needs.”

Jessica Arevalo 

3rd year (Class of 2022)

Public Health, minor in Public Policy 

"I was eager to participate in the study because it was an opportunity to learn more about the experiences day laborers encounter, their mental and physical health and needs, and their overall characteristics" 

Briana Fragoso

3rd Year (Class of 2022)

Molecular and Cell Biology, Ethnic Studies

“Participating in the East Bay Day Labor Study was a great experience both personally and professionally, as with every jornalero I talked to I could see my tios, hermanos, and padre and know there are programs like ours that are working to help and protect them.”