COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

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As the economic and healthcare burdens of COVID-19 persist, we have compiled a list of equity-focused resources produced by Cal-IHEA affiliated organizations, faculty, and vetted organizations to synthesize accurate information and prepare us for the long-term health equity challenges associated with COVID-19. 

This list is updated regularly.


UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, May 2020 California Health Interview Survey Preliminary COVID-19 Estimates

Berkeley School of Public Health, Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic (free online course)

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Public Health on Call: Evidence and Experts to Help You Understand Today’s COVID-19 News — and What It Means for Tomorrow (podcast)

California Health Care Foundation, COVID-19 Clearinghouse

UCLA, Multilingual COVID-19 Resource Hub


UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge, Los Angeles County COVID-19 Map

Public Health Institute, Vulnerable Populations Index Map

UCSF Health Atlas, COVID-19 data story

Policy Solutions

ChangeLab Solutions, Policy solutions that prioritize health equity 

Human Impact Partners, Health Equity Policy Platform for COVID-19

JAMA, Policy Solutions for Reversing the Color-blind Public Health Response to COVID-19 in the US 

Public Policy Institute of California, Impacts of COVID-19 and Policy Choices to Address It

National Low Income Housing Coalition,  Priorities for a Coronavirus Economic Stimulus Package 

Healthy Food Policy Project, Municipal COVID-19 Food Access Policies (updated regularly)

No Kid Hungry Center for Best Practices, Supporting Schools, Communities, And Nutrition Programs During The COVID-19 Pandemic: Recommended State Policy Actions

Racial Justice

Kimberlé Crenshaw, UCLA/Columbia Law, African American Policy Forum, Under the Blacklight Series (webinar)

NAACP, Coronavirus Equity Considerations 

Berkeley Conversations: Race, Law, and Health Policy

Berkeley Conversations: Structural Racism and COVID19: The Political Divide, Re-Opening the Society and Health Impacts on People of Color

Berkeley Conversations: COVID-19: Straight talk: A conversation about racism, health inequities and COVID-19

Berkeley Conversations: COVID-19: Understanding and seeking equity amid COVID-19

Gilbert Gee (UCLA) KQED PBS Interview, Racism’s Role in Coronavirus

Dr. Chandra Ford (UCLA) Interview, Impact on Communities of Color


Berkeley Conversations: COVID-19: The lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our healthcare delivery systemMay 2020

Berkeley Conversations: COVID-19: Digital and telehealth implications of COVID-19 and social distancingMay 2020

Administration for Community Living, COVID-19: What Do Older Adults and People with Disabilities Need to Know?(updated regularly)

Economic Impacts

Berkeley Conversations: COVID-19: COVID-19 in the global south: economic impacts and recovery June 2020

Berkeley Conversations: COVID-19: Nordics and COVID-19: Public health, economic and public policy responsesMay 2020

Western Center on Law & Poverty, Coronavirus – Information, Response, and Considerations 

New York Academy of Medicine,What Can I Do? Housing (updated regularly)


UCLA,  Stand Together Initiative

The Greater Good Science Center, Greater Good’s Guide to Well-Being During Coronavirus

Berkeley Conversations: COVID-19: Trauma-informed approaches for individual, organizational resilience during COVID-19April 2020

Suicide Prevention Resource Center, Mental health Resources for various audiences(community leaders, workplaces, LGBTQ, Parents and Caregivers, etc.)

California Substance Use Disorder Resources